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Marketing and Automation Central Europe Conference MACEC EN

One of the biggest trends in marketing and innovation, and advertising in 2019 is automation, according to Google. What does automation do and what benefits it brings to businesses? Come, be inspired and learn how to automate your campaigns. Learn how to make advertising campaigns really effective and without unnecessary failures and fuckups. The conference is held to bring together marketers with the clients.

Forget about a boring conference full of theory, 300 full-text slide and bulleted presentations presented by "snake charmers". This conference will be held by Google and Microsoft trainers. The whole conference will be "learning by doing" – meaning, that we`ll learn on real examples. You`ll be able to create or optimize your campaign within 3 days with us.

Together, we will optimize the costs and finance for your campaigns. Therefore, also entrepreneurs who want to increase conversions or reduce campaign costs, or improve cashflow, will find it really useful. Our output will be automated marketing PPC campaigns for Google Ads and Facebook, tailored for all event participants.

Event title: Marketing and Automation Central Europe Conference MACEC

Place: Slovak Technical University

Date and time: 27-29.5.2019

Price: 1299,99 EUR per participant

Thanks to NPC (Národné Podnikateľské Centrum) you can get free admission to this event. More information on NPC.

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  1. day - 27.5. (9:00-13:00) - Automation of social networks
  2. day - 28.5. (9:00-13:00) - The biggest fails on social networks and in PPC campaign
  3. day - 29.5. (9:00-13:00) - Automation of PPC campaigns


  • Miroslav Reiter – Google certified trainer
  • Mário Kašuba – Microsoft certified trainer

Target Audience

  • Startups and start-up entrepreneurs
  • PPC specialists
  • Employees of online marketing agencies
  • Owners of an online marketing agencies
  • Webmasters and e-shops administrators
  • Online marketers


1. day - Automation of social networks

  1. How to automate the creation of contributions so that I do not ever have to make any manual posts
  2. How to plan your business and segment contributions (day / time / months)
  3. How to prepare and semi-automate the creation of contributions
  4. How to link a WordPress-based web with social networks
  5. Set automatic replies

2. day - Biggest fails on social networks

  1. How can one image or social networking contribution permanently harm your business, ensure drop in shares, or lose a third of your customers
  2. How to proceed in case of a failure or a fuckup otherwise than – “thank you for your question”
  3. How to communicate, act and behave on social networks towards the client
  4. Parasitize on company brands
  5. Why most campaigns have 2-5 ad errors
  6. How to proceed in case of failure and fuckup in Google ads
  7. Automation fails
  8. How Not to communicate the added value and benefits to the client

3. day - Automating PPC campaigns

  1. How to automate campaigning by season and weather
  2. How to automatically check links in ads and the budget
  3. How to prepare and semi-automate ad creation
  4. Most popular scripts and rules for getting more conversions
  5. Set automatic rules

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